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Annual professional exhibition  

bicycles and personal electric transport

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Exponent Prices and conditions


9-10 September 2021, Moscow

Relevant map of the pavilion on the link

1 cell on the map - 1 meter. Any sector can be divided on several parts. Minimal area  - 6 sq.m. 

Any area can be ordered as not equipped or equipped (information below).


Unequipped area

Not equipped area is just a part of the square of the exhibition hall which you lease for the period of holding an exhibition. You can think up as your stand will look and to embody your idea in reality, or to entrust this process to the specialized company - the builder.​

At the order of not equipped area you, besides the cost of building of the stand, will have additional expenses::

  • floor covering (obligatory)

  • electric connection (on your discretion, dark stands not looking good)

  • accreditation of the stand (if necessary)

Sq.meter, all days

50 Eur


Equipped area

The equipped exhibition area is a "turnkey" standard exhibition stand. The stand gathers from white wall panels, and include a floor covering, lighting, the electric socket, a frieze with the name of the company or a brand and exhibition furniture (the quantity depends on the size of the stand).​

The order of the equipped exhibition area usually doesn't attract any additional expenses. If you need any additional exhibition equipment (for example show-windows or regiments) or pasting of panels - you can order it in addition.

Sq.meter, all days

90 Eur

Indicating cost include 3 days of work of an exhibition, plus 1 day of installation and 1 day of dismantling.

Additional day of installation at additional expense, cost - 10 Eur/sq.m, discounts not applicable.

Discount for participants of any of previous Bike-Expo - 5%

Ordered area size discounts:

  • 20 - 39 sq.m. - 5%

  • 40 - 59 sq.m. -10%

  • 60 - 99 sq.m. -15%

  • over 100 sq.m -20%

Discounts if paid before: 

  • 1 December 2020 - 20%

  • 1 March 2021 - 15%

  • 1 May 2021 - 10%

All discounts are applied consecutively! 

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